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Beginner kayaking course with Danube sunset in 3 hours

Come to our kayak tour combined with kayak teaching in Göd, near to Budapest, where you can learn kayaking from the basics to become an expert kayaker!

The location of the tour is also impressive. Starting from the bank of the Danube in Felsőgöd, we will row towards to Vác in the beginning slower-flowing parts, which also provide suitable terrain for beginners.

The lesson is divided into two phases:

Coastal theoretical education (~30-45 minutes)
Water practical training (~150 minutes)

Coastal kayak training:
We get to know the ships and of their parts
With the oar and its use
With the equipment
Flow science basics
With the basics of water traffic rules
Rescue from water / self-rescue (strictly only theory!!! :) )

Water kayak training:
Boarding / disembarking
Mastering kayak paddling technique
Right or left folding technique
Rowing backwards and turning
Moving to the side
How to get around the stone dam 
Crossing techniques

After what you have learned in the course, you can practice on our 3-6 hour tours for beginners, where you can deepen your kayaking skills until you feel ready to participate in an Advanced Kayak course, with which our tours for advanced students will not be a problem.

What should be brought to the training?
Suitable clothing for the weather, in which you won't get cold when standing on the shore, you won't catch a cold while paddling in the kayak. It is not absolutely necessary, but if you have it, swimming/diving shoes and a towel to wipe your feet, something to drink and possibly a snack.

What equipment do we provide?
Extra stable sea kayaks, life jacket, oar, mandatory equipment. In the Boathouse, you can leave your valuables in lockers during the tour, where you can also use a changing room.

Who will teach?
1-2 (depending on the number of people) english speaker and experienced water tour guides, who know the features of the area well, will teach the group so that everyone gets enough time and attention and everyone will be perfectly in safe.

After the training, you should practice:
The knowledge acquired at the courses will be durable, if the person practices it. Our kayak tours for beginners are a great opportunity for this, where you can safely practice the elements of rowing that you have already learned.

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Keddi kezdő kajak oktatás hódokkal (bemutatták a híres farokcsapásukat is) sarkantyú kerülésekkel, vác alatt extrém...

Közzétette: Duna-parti csónakház - – 2022. június 22., szerda
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